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Design Vitamin works with a network of experienced freelancers in order to make your dream venture a success. We offer you creative solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and that give you a return on your investment. You won’t get jargon or false promises, just solid honest advice and a commitment to deliver the most suitable supplements for your needs. We are constantly learning new skills and techniques, which you the client benefit from.

Just name it, we’ll have the supplement.

Design Vitamin founded by artist, designer, and developer Nicole Allen LogoDesign Vitamin founded by artist, designer, and developer Nicole Allen. That’s why you see her logo on the artwork presented here. Nicole’s experiences are quite diverse, after all she’s been helping clients take their company’s vision to the next level for 20+ years.

In the early 80’s at the young age eight years, Nicole started programing graphics in Basic on an Apple II Plus. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Video Imaging, she started building websites in the early 90’s, mostly while working in the leading edge of 3D animation and modeling for several high-tech gaming companies. Her portfolio carries many industry names such as EA Sports, Namco, and Gibson Guitars. Nicole has been instructing in classes, workshops, and one-on-one for 20 years and is available for training, speaking engagements, and articles.

In her spare time Nicole rebuilds old computers and donate them to less fortunate single mothers, as well as providing computer support to seniors in the community. As a practicing vegetarian for 20+ years Nicole has been a life-long student of health and nutrition. She recently constructed her own green-house from predominantly recycled materials and has had several successful organic harvests. Often Nicole’s work centers on the human body, where she loves to focus on realism and accuracy. She delights in inspiring, educating, and enhancing other people’s lives through her creative abilities and in person.

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